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Published Works (Chronological)

Palmer, J. (2020) "Realising Self-Organised Housing: A Network Agency Perspective" Journal of Urban Policy and Research. Link

Palmer, J. (2019) "'Without the Developer, Who Develops?' Collaborative self-development experiences in Australian Cities" Built Environment 45 (3), 308-331. Download Preprint

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Sharam, A., & Bryant, L. (2016) Can an Uber [digital disruption] for Multi-owned Housing Solve Some Common Housing Problems? Paper presented at the 9th Australian Housing Researchers Conference, Auckland, New Zealand. download presentation 


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Additional Relevant Conference Papers (Chronological)

Palmer, J. (2019), 'Collaborative self-organised cohousing apartments: a reflective tale of collective action toward a sustainable and resilient urban future.' Presented at the Transforming Urban Governance Conference, RMIT, Melbourne, 26-7 June 2019.

Alves, T., Sharam, A., and Palmer, J. (2018), ‘Positioning collaborative housing within the market and policy contexts of urban Australia.’ Presented at the European Network for Housing Research, Uppsala, 26-29 June 2018.


Palmer, J., & Czischke, D.  (2018), ‘Conceptualising commonalities of disruption in collaborative housing.’ Presented at the European Network for Housing Research, Uppsala, 26-29 June 2018.


Palmer, J. (2018), ‘Multi-unit housing provision practices: professional insights from Australian Innovators.’ Presented at the Housing Studies Association Conference, Sheffield, 21-23 April 2018.

Palmer, J. (2017), ‘Multi-unit housing provision: consolidating the Australian Dream?’ 10th Australasian Housing Researchers Conference, Melbourne, 15-17 February 2017.


Palmer, J. (2016), ‘Supporting collective self-organised housing: Drawing lessons from Europe.’ Presented at the Comparative Social Sustainability Symposium, ‘Living a higher life? Addressing the social sustainability challenges of condominium law, living, and landscapes’, RMIT University Europe, Barcelona, 21-22 November 2016.


Palmer, J. (2016), ‘Variables in collaborative self-organised housing provision: In pursuit of disruption.’ Presented at the European Network for Housing Researchers Collaborative Housing Workshop ‘Collaborative Housing in Europe: Conceptualising the field’, TUDelft, 17-18 November 2016.


Palmer, J. (2016), ‘The Collaborative Australian Dream: self-organised urban infill housing and the potential for design disruption.’ European Network for Housing Researchers Conference, Belfast, 28 June- 1 July 2016.


Palmer, J. (2014), ‘Seeking systems for sustainable higher-density housing in Australian cities.’ World Sustainable Building Conference, Barcelona, 28-30 October 2014.

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