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What aspects of the way we live and the design of the environment we live in most impact our health and wellbeing? 



Title: Alternative Multi Unit Housing Provision: Community, Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Resilience.

Researchers: Dr Jasmine Palmer & Dr Michelle Turner

Description: The research is a longitudinal study of residents of Alternative Multi-Unit Housing Projects (AMUHP) in Victoria. The residents of seven yet to be completed apartment buildings in Melbourne’s inner North will be surveyed and interviewed at two-year intervals between 2019 and 2027.  It seeks to understand the health, community, and environmental outcomes of resident participation in the development of multi-unit (apartment) buildings. 

It is often stated that resident involvement in housing provision and community development offers opportunity for increased community cohesion and resilience (e.g. Bresson & Labit, 2019), reduced resource consumption (e.g. Tummers, 2016), and long-term health benefits (e.g. Karnekull, 2010). However, no research has been undertaken to date in Australia to quantify these benefits; all of which are desired attributes of urban consolidation.
This research will follow the residents of the Urban Coup 'Near & Tall' cohousing apartment building, Assemble's Macaulay Rd apartment project, and the Nightingale Housing buildings which make up the Nightingale Duckett Village in Brunswick, Melbourne.  All these buildings are due for completion in 2021 and are unique in that residents have been pre-identified and engaged, to varying degrees, in the development process. 

Status: Commencing late 2019

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