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Four Gray Buildings

Affordability and Financing

A key aim of NHL is to provide housing that is more affordable.



Title: The Nightingale Housing Waiting List as a matching market

Researcher: Dr Andrea Sharam, RMIT University.

Description: The purchaser list substantially de-risks Nightingale projects permitting more favourable financing that ultimately results in lower costs for buyers. Can the waiting list become the basis for a formal matching market platform, in which registrants become members and are matched to a number of housing opportunities?

Status: Commencing

Title: Social Impact Investment in social and affordable housing

Researcher: Dr Andrea Sharam, RMIT University; Michael Moran, Swinburne University; Chris Mason Swinburne University; Wendy Stone, Swinburne University

Description: Data from mapping, interviews and case studies will be used to determine the extent of, and potential for, social impact investment in affordable housing in Australia. The research will explore sector motivation, criteria for investment, innovation and barriers, and future opportunities.

Status: Completed 2018

Funded by: Australian Housing Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

Title: Deliberative Development Case Studies

Researcher: Dr Andrea Sharam, RMIT University.

Description: This project investigated deliberative development projects completed in Australia between the early 1980s and 2017, including Nightingale Housing. 

Status: Complete


Title: Multi-Unit Residential Development Research Repository (MuRDRR)

Researcher: Dr Andrea Sharam, RMIT University.

Description: The MuRDR repository is a repository of data about multi-residential development projects, with the data available for teaching at RMIT and for research by academics more broadly.

There is little empirical research on housing development in Australia and less on apartments. There is also a surprising lack of international research. The result is limited critical analysis, poor public policy understanding of residential development, and problematic private development models (that deliver poor quality product at unnecessarily high prices).


A key barrier to investigation of development is the commercial-in-confidence nature of private multi-residential development.  A repository of project documentation and other related material provides the opportunity for textual based research.


Following from HNL transparency pledge, Nightingale projects will be among the first projects to lodge their project documentation.

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