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Dr Jin Woo

Sustainable Building Innovation (SBi) Lab

Senior Lecturer, School of Property, Construction and Project Management

RMIT University

Jin is a senior lecturer in the School of Property, Construction and Project Management (PCPM) at RMIT University. As a researcher in the Sustainable Building Innovation (SBi) Lab, her expertise includes post-occupancy evaluation (POE), indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and sustainable building design and management. With a socio-technical approach, from physical building performance through energy and environmental performance to building occupant comfort, health and productivity, she has investigated how physical environment affects human performance. She developed a theoretically grounded framework and instrument to measure the effects of physical environment on occupant comfort, health and work performance. This framework has been extended to evaluate a particular design (pre- and post- renovation), by providing baseline measures before a renovation. Her research has gradually expanded to different settings with different users across various types of buildings including multi-residential, office, educational, healthcare and public buildings. Most recently, she has worked hard to fill methodological gap in building performance evaluation by adopting a cloud-based real-time data collection and analysis. Not only the innovative nature of the projects, her research outputs have also contributed to the public and communities including post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) of public libraries and affordable and sustainable housing projects, by increasing community awareness about the environmental impact and sustainability in the built environment.

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