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Dr Jasmine Palmer

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)

Master of Design Science (Sustainable Design)

PhD (Collaborative Housing)

Independent Researcher

With a background in architecture practice, Jasmine's teaching and research are both framed by an ongoing interest in the generation of 'sustainable urban futures,' a broad-reaching agenda which embraces multiple scales and disciplines. Having studied in the fields of Arts, Architecture, Design Science, Sustainability, and Social Sciences, she takes a multi-disciplinary view of sustainability challenges.

Jasmine has contributed to research projects including waste in commercial buildings and the adaptation of Australian housing to future climate change. Her PhD research, completed at the University of Adelaide Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, examined the Australian multi-unit housing provision system in comparison with international cases of self-organisation; identifying existing barriers to householder participation in design and development in Australia.  She is currently pursuing further research in the field of self-organised housing, employing actor-network theory, visual mapping, and comparative analysis to understand complex systems of housing provision and appropriate means of disrupting existant, dominant housing regimes.

Jasmine was visiting researcher at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands in 2018 at the Collaborative Housing Research Lab.

Her ambition is to provide knowledge which contributes to a more equitable and sustainable housing future for all. 

Key Research Interests: collaborative housing, multi-unit dwelling design, disruption, structure of provision, actor-networks

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